Euro Truck Wasch
Euro Truck Wasch
Euro Truck Wasch
Euro Truck Wasch
Euro Truck Wasch
Euro Truck Wasch

ETW Sittensen GmbH
Hansestraße 10a
27419 Sittensen
Phone +49-4282 / 41 47
Fax: +49-4282 / 59 00 42
E-Mail: mail



Sittenser Euro Truck-Wasch opened in 1994 with just one wash tunnel.

The great location and the consistently outstanding cleaning results made it possible to expand the truck wash over the years.

To shorten waiting times, a second wash tunnel was added.

Soon, however, this addition was no longer enough to satisfy the growing demand, and in 2006, a third wash tunnel was added, along with a fourth wash tunnel for interior cleaning.

These expansions allow us to serve our many repeat customers from all over Europe who have come here regularly for years to have their vehicles washed.

For this reason, it is not uncommon for some of our long-serving employees to be able to easily recognize the sometimes quite unique trucks of our customers, even from afar.

It is a positive sign of long-term collaboration, especially in today's fast-moving world, and it is certainly an advantage for our customers - because constant changes in cleaning staff help no one.

This dedicated cleaning staff, which has worked together for so long, is what gives us our edge.