Euro Truck Wasch
Euro Truck Wasch
Euro Truck Wasch
Euro Truck Wasch
Euro Truck Wasch
Euro Truck Wasch

ETW Sittensen GmbH
Hansestraße 10a
27419 Sittensen
Phone +49-4282 / 41 47
Fax: +49-4282 / 59 00 42
E-Mail: mail

We Go the Extra Mile for You

Shiny Trucks, Happy Drivers
We strive to make our customers happy so that they'll want to return to us for all their vehicle washing needs.
Our top goal is to provide excellent cleaning results through diligent work and dedication. Whether you come to us for exterior cleaning, container washing, or cab cleaning, we always want you to be completely satisfied.
Customers using our vehicle wash facility can also take advantage of our driver amenities. While your truck gets washed, you can rest and relax and enjoy our coffee and cake, always available free of charge. Additionally, we offer free use of our shower facilities, as well as other conveniences such as washer, dryer, vacuum, and much more at no charge.
Our highest priority, however, will always be a clean and well cared for vehicle.
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